LABANOF - Anthropological and Odontological Lab of the State University of Milan

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To request information or advice in our areas of interest, please contact us through the following channels:


+ 39 02503 15679


+39 02503 15678


+39 02503 15638

asylum seekers' office

02503 15696

Our contact details:

- For teaching, forensic anthropology and forensic medicine:
- For the assessment of age on the minor and forensic odontology:
- For the III university mission, the victims of torture, identification of the living and blood stain pattern analysis:
- For facial reconstruction and museum installations:
- For the search for hidden bodies and forensic archeology:
- For the identification of Jon & Jane Doe and migrant victims:
- For visits and information on the CAL (Labanof Anthropological Collection):
- For all other topics and information related to our research field: